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Seatfrog Wins Award for Best Digital Experience at the DXA Awards

DXA Awards - 12/07/2018

Seatfrog picks up £4.5m Series A as rail pax engage with upgrade auctions

Tnooz - 11/07/2018

Seatfrog, an app-focussed rail and airline upgrade technology specialist, has confirmed a £4.5 million Series A funding round, led by Octopus Ventures.

Seatfrog Raises $8m Series A to let more people score upgrades

AFR - 11/07/2018

Sydney-based travel start-up Seatfrog, which lets travellers bid for premium seats on planes and trains, has raised $8 million from UK-based venture capital fund Octopus Ventures.

Seatfrog Wins Hottest Travel Company at The Europas

Tech Crunch - 04/07/2018

Yesterday The Europas, the European Tech Startup Awards and Unconference once again held its annual jamboree in London, throwing together a glittering Awards ceremony honouring the hottest startups in the European ecosystem.

Seatfrog takes home innovation award for Passenger Experience at Rail Innovation Awards

Modern Railways - 25/06/2018

The best innovations in the rail industry were in the spotlight at the annual Railway Industry Innovation Awards, held in London on 22 June.

Seatfrog - the App that auctions off empty First Class seats

Future Rail - 02/04/2018

New app, Seatfrog, allows UK Rail passengers to bid for upgrades to otherwise empty First Class seats for as little as £5, by joining auctions up to 30 minutes before departure.

Seatfrog - the App which allows you to bid for an Upgrade

The Independent - 01/02/2018

When I stepped aboard the 2.02pm at York station, it was a treat to be in the posh seats. I had successfully used a new app called Seatfrog, which offers ’targeted upsell opportunities‘ in the travel industry jargon – also known as on-the-day train upgrades.

The Rail Revolution

The Guardian - 07/11/2017

It’s one of the last remaining modes of transport that has been relatively untouched by innovation. The UK rail sector transports 1.5 billion passengers annually and benefits from billions of pounds of investment, but has struggled to move with the times. That could be about to change. Last month Virgin Trains East Coast signed a deal with startup Seatfrog, an app that auctions seat upgrades two hours before travel.

Global first alert – Seatfrog powers upgrade auction app for UK’s Virgin Trains

Tnooz - 20/09/2017

Seatfrog, an Australian startup which has developed an app-based platform for airlines to run live upgrade auctions for passengers with existing tickets, has signed a deal with UK rail operator Virgin Trains.

Want a First Class Train Upgrade? You Can Bid for It

Gizmodo - 20/09/2017

First class upgrades when travelling by train are notoriously expensive, especially when you buy them on the day. As someone who frequently travels, and frequently sees dozens and dozens of plush first class seats available while I'm sandwiched in standard class like I'm being shipped to some kind of cattle market, it's more than just a bit frustrating.

Upgrade your train ticket to first-class with nifty new Seatfrog app

Daily Mail - 20/09/2017

Train passengers who want to escape cattle class can now upgrade their tickets on the same day they travel for a fraction of the usual cost with a new app. Seatfrog - launched today - enables Virgin Trains passengers who have already booked standard class tickets to bid on empty first-class seats.

Virgin East Coast to auction empty first-class seats to standard ticket buyers

The Guardian - 20/09/2017

Rail passengers unhappy at the prospect of a journey in standard class can now bid for an upgrade. Empty first-class seats on selected Virgin Trains East Coast services are being auctioned through a smartphone app shortly before departure.

Tech innovations that will change the way we fly

Condé Nast - 15/03/2017

We’ve all boarded an airplane, walked by empty seats in business class, and wondered how much it’d take to upgrade but not having an option to do so. Apps like Seatfrog will give you that info—and allow you to act on it.

Seatfrog joins Amadeus Next to offer mobile-only ancillary technology

Web In Travel - 04/08/2016

Australian travel startup Seatfrog has joined Amadeus Next, as it aims to revolutionise mobile airline ancillaries by allowing travellers to upgrade their seat in the 48-hour window prior to take-off and right up until the time of departure.

Seatfrog's auction app lets you grab a last-minute flight upgrade

TechCrunch - 29/07/2016

From time-to-time here at TechCrunch, we see companies tackle problems or painpoints in a way that makes you wonder why it wasn’t done long ago. Travel tech startup Seatfrog from Australia is one that gives me that feeling.

Seatfrog Is The Flight Upgrade App You Need

GQ Australia - 31/05/2016

An Aussie tech startup is aiming to make obtaining seat upgrades on your next flight easier and quicker.
The brains behind the Seatfrog app say their system works by enabling users to bid (auction style) on seats that would otherwise fly empty, right up to the last minute before departure.


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