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Tech innovations that will change the way we fly

Condé Nast - 15/03/2017

We’ve all boarded an airplane, walked by empty seats in business class, and wondered how much it’d take to upgrade but not having an option to do so. Apps like Seatfrog will give you that info—and allow you to act on it.

Seatfrog leaps ahead with airline upgrade technology

Travel Weekly Asia - 13/09/2016

It’s the end of a tough business trip. You’re slumped in the departure lounge, exhausted, patiently waiting for the Economy Class passengers to board before you join the end of the queue.

Seatfrog joins Amadeus Next to offer mobile-only ancillary technology

Web In Travel - 04/08/2016

Australian travel startup Seatfrog has joined Amadeus Next, as it aims to revolutionise mobile airline ancillaries by allowing travellers to upgrade their seat in the 48-hour window prior to take-off and right up until the time of departure.

Amadeus supports seat-bidding Seatfrog

Travel Weekly - 03/08/2016

Seatfrog aims to transfrom the future of mobile airline ancillaries by allowing travellers to upgrade their seat in the 48-hour window prior to take-off, and right up until the time of departure, joining with Amadeus Next to help achieve this.

Seatfrog's auction app lets you grab a last-minute flight upgrade

TechCrunch - 29/07/2016

From time-to-time here at TechCrunch, we see companies tackle problems or painpoints in a way that makes you wonder why it wasn’t done long ago. Travel tech startup Seatfrog from Australia is one that gives me that feeling.

Seatfrog Prepares to Hop Into the Airline Ancillary Revenue Market

Apex - 02/06/2016

Seatfrog, a Sydney-based startup, has received a $862,200 investment from HOWZAT Partners to bring a new app to fruition. Launching later this year, the technology will let passengers bid on last-minute seat upgrades right up until departure time, while boosting an airline’s ancillary revenues.

Howzat invests in upgrade bidding app Seatfrog

Tnooz - 31/05/2016

Seatfrog, an Australian app which allows passengers to bid for upgrades on flights, has picked up AUS$1.2 million ($860,000) in funding from Howzat Partners.
CEO and co-founder Iain Griffin told Tnooz that Seatfrog was different from other players in the seat upgrade sector as it allows airlines to sell inventory up to the point of departure.

Seatfrog will help you snag a last-minute upgrade on your next flight

Financial Review - 31/05/2016

It is less than 48 hours before a flight and the airline has processed all frequent flyer points upgrade requests and cash bids. But there are still business class seats available that are at risk of flying empty even though some passengers could be willing to pay for a last-minute upgrade.

This startup, which lets people bid for airplane seat upgrades, has secured $1.2 million

Business Insider - 31/05/2016

There are a few tricks that many use to get an upgrade when flying. Dress nicely, be first in line. But soon, there will be a more convenient option.
Seatfrog is the world’s first booking-to-gate platform that allows passengers to bid for seat upgrades in real time right up until the departure gate.

Seatfrog Is The Flight Upgrade App You Need

GQ Australia - 31/05/2016

An Aussie tech startup is aiming to make obtaining seat upgrades on your next flight easier and quicker.
The brains behind the Seatfrog app say their system works by enabling users to bid (auction style) on seats that would otherwise fly empty, right up to the last minute before departure.


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